The work experience  of Mia Makaroff includes composing, teaching music to school children and young people, lecturing, conducting choirs, having workshops and masterclasses and conducting different music educational projects: special educational projects, song-writing projects and multicultural projects. She also has experience in musical producing. Please take contact if you are interested of a workshop, commission or a masterclass!




• MUSIC TEACHING: 1992 – 2005 taught music in several schools, mainly in Länsimäki school, Vantaa (high school) where she developed a method to inspire and help young pupils in song-writing. This lead into a several four school musicals that were written and performed by the pupils themselves. She also developed a method based on therapeutical effects of music for special education music teaching. She grounded a village band school for everyone interested to learn how to play and sing in a band. She continues with school music teaching once a week in Västersundom skola in Vantaa.




• WORK WITH CHILDREN CHOIRS: 1993 started a singing club for children in Vantaa area and then founded a children’s choir, “Vivace”. The idea of the choir was to find the joy in music making and to learn more about singing, regardless of whether you have the talent or not. Gradually the choir grew bigger and is now divided into four active sections: Vivace children choir,  Vivace youth choir, Vivace Ladies Vivace and Vivace Chamber. Vivace Chamber has done well in international competitions.

2008 Mia grounded a new choir in Porvoo Music Institute under the name Ocarina Children Choir. The choir grew rapidly to 80 children. Ocarina choral family has now training choirs, Girls' Choir, Boys' Choir and Youth Choir, the choral activities have also started in nearby town Sipoo. The Ocarina has travelled to Sweden, Russia and Czech Republic,Croatia, Romania and participated in two musical play premiers. Ocarina won three gold medals in Istramusica choir competition 2017.




• WORK WITH OTHER CHOIRS and vocal groups has been a big part of Mia Makaroff’s work. 2003 she conducted a Swedish-speaking female choir, “Eviva” which led to a music project around the poems of J.L Runeberg, the national poet of Finland. The vocal ensemble Rajaton has made a marvelous recordings that had lead to all kinds of commissions and workshops around the world. The famous Finnish female choir Philomela, the Word Champion choir in Interkultur Choral Games 2014, has commissioned, performed and recorded many of her songs. At the present she conducts a women choir Vivace Ladies and a mixed choir Hinthaaran kuoro. 




• LECTURING, JUDICATING AND MASTER CLASSES: 2005-2006 lectured on special education and music pedagogy in Sibelius-Academy for the Swedish-speaking students. 2013 she was one of the keynote speakers of Festival 500, New Foundland. The themes that are close to her is teaching music and singing to children, rhythmics in choir music, special educational, multicultural and creative projects. She has also held masterclasses in children choral music writing in Aosta Italy and St. Petersburg Russia, combining the teaching and composing. She has also worked a lot as a juror in international choral competitions.



•MUSICAL AND MUSIC THEATRE PROJECTS: 2012 she composed and produced the bilangual musical "Kruunulapset - Kronobarnen” (Crown children). After that she has written music to fairy tail Fågel blå (The Blue Bird) by Zacharias Topelius and later to a children choir play Laulava poika (The Singing Boy).




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